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Tools for detecting coding errors
Code analysis tools


Over the years working as a software developer, I have regularly encountered situations in which it was advantageous to create a small tool (script or program) for use in software development or software documentation.  A small script or program is quickly made, and can be a significant time saver.  In this page I describe a few of these small tools. 

Tools for detecting coding errors

Many programming languages have gaps in their syntax which for that language allow types of coding errors to go undetected by the compiler that, in other languages, can be caught by the compiler.  Often it is easy to create a small tool that fills such a gap in the compiler functionality, and in that way to achieve a more complete automated checking for coding errors, allowing work to progress more efficiently. 

BASIC variable declaration checker
Tool for automated detection in BASIC source code of variables that are used without prior declaration, to check for typing errors in variable names. ┬╗more

Java file-scope class detector
Description TODO

Code analysis tools

For documentation writing jobs, one of the vital first steps is of course to get a picture of the structure of the code that is to be documented.  Things that help in this task are to extract from a set of source files such information as: the #include dependency structure, or the function call structure (the generally tree-like structure of functions calling other functions).

Calling tree analyzers
Description TODO